Croxford Technology

Croxford Technology is a small business based in Wanaka, New Zealand. We have over 15 years experience working with computers, technology and customer service. Croxford Technology doesn’t fix computers, we leave that to other IT support companies. We create technology solutions for small businesses and corporate clients.

Croxford Technology does the following:

  • We build websites ranging from simple to complex high-end e-commerce sites.

  • We design custom advanced Excel applications. Using VBA programming, we utilise the power of Excel unknown to most users. Our clients are often amazed what Excel can do.

  • Croxford Technology specialises in environmental data. We consult, design & implement weather stations, home energy systems and anything eco-tech.

  • We combine web, Excel and data to create unique solutions for your business. We take weather data from a wireless solar powered station and post it to the internet. We create databases to store business data and write a webpage to access the data. Don't hire three people to do a job that Croxford Technology can do.

We pride ourselves in providing advice and support to our customers in a way they can understand. Please explore our website and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Looking for our Weather Station?  Click here.