About Us

Croxford Technology is run primarily by Will Croxford.  Will & his wife live on beautiful Hawea Flat near Wanaka. They decided to live in this area when they returned to NZ in early 2002 after 6 years overseas. They have lived in Scotland, India and briefly in the Cayman Islands. They've also travelled to Alaska, Iceland, Antarctica, Patagonia, Nepal and Morocco in pursuit of mountain adventures.

Will completed a geology degree from Canterbury University in 1992. He started working as a geologist though quickly realised he enjoyed working with computers. He moved into the 'computers for geologists' field then purely computer work. He has worked as a computer administrator for large companies in NZ, UK and India. Will has a wide range of experience in both UNIX and PC systems. He's designed databases and sophisticated spreadsheets for numerous people and has managed a large Oracle database. His typical kiwi attitude to 'give all things a go' has given him experience on many types of computer hardware, software and systems. Will has also trained people on Excel spreadsheet usage, graphics software and web publishing. Will is experienced at providing support to a wide range of computer users with a large range of unusual questions.

Will loves cycling, skiing & snowboarding, sailing, sea kayaking, tramping, music, reading, art and computers.