anemometerCroxford Technology consults, researches and installs environmental and 'eco' technology.

We have set up automatic solar powered weather stations that post data to the internet.  We have designed a system to measure mine water pH and report data via cell phone.  We also sell iButtons, a device to log temperature data in any location.  Our specialty is our flexibility to design a system for your needs, whether domestic, commercial, rural or remote.

Weather Stations

We design and install weather stations for yacht clubs, vineyards, farmers and weather enthusiasts.  We do not retail a line of  equipment as we wish to remain impartial when working for you.  We design and install the best system for your needs and price.

Here is an example of our solar powered wireless automatic Weather Station sending live data to the internet.  We can send, log or monitor any data from any data source.



What is an iButton? An iButton is about the size of a watch battery, sealed, water proof and lasts around 10 years.  They come in different models which can measure temperature and/or humidity.


iButtonCroxford Technology has created a niche for the use of iButtons.  Traditionally used in industrial settings, we have promoted the use of iButtons for architectural design and monitoring.  Cheaper and more flexible than traditional methods of temperature logging, an iButton can record months of data.  The iButton owner then downloads the data to their computer for analysis.  The price enables multiple iButtons to be deployed to log data at numerous sites.