Advanced Excel

Croxford Technology designs custom advanced Excel applications. We have designed a wide variety of spreadsheets for small businesses, corporations, schools and individuals. Croxford Technology produces sophisticated spreadsheets with an intuitive user interface we are proud of. We use custom forms and complex VBA to create a GUI (Graphic User Interface) allowing users to easily manipulate their data.

excelWe also create online spreadsheets for use on your website or intranet. These can be entirely HTML with no additional files or server technology. Here is an example of a recent online calculator project.

Completed Excel based projects include:

  • Small business debtors & creditors workbook.

  • Corporate product database with multiple secure user logins, data validation, User/Admin levels of control plus complex and flexible reporting.

  • Corporate database output to MYOB input format converter.

  • School teacher grading and submission spreadsheet.

  • Small business product delivery/dispatch and invoice workbook.

As you can see, we have completed a wide variety of Excel based work. Give us a call to discuss you Excel ideas and needs.