Advanced Excel Demo

Here is an example of an Excel spreadsheet created by Croxford Technology then converted into a fully functioning webpage.

Compare Two Lime Sources.
Enter Values into the Boxes Below
   Lime Required     Quarry (X) Quarry (Y)    
        CaCO3 %     
        Lime Price $/tonne     
        Area to be Spread (Acres)         
    Required CaCO3 Application per Acre (tonnes)         
   Cartage Costs     Quarry (X) Quarry (Y)    
    Enter Either A Cartage Rate per Tonne     
      B Number of Loads     
        Cartage Distance (round trip)     
        Cost Cartage $/km     
   Spreading Costs   Quarry (X) Quarry (Y)    
        Spreading cost $/tonne     
Calculated Results
   Results     Quarry (X) Quarry (Y)    
      Lime Required (tonnes)     
        Lime Costs     
        Cartage Costs     
        Spreading Costs     
        Total Cost     
         Lime True  Cost Calculator v1.11c